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It's Not About the Mic. It's How You Use It.

Just like any starting a new career, it's super easy to get caught up in all of the fancy things associated with it. Remember back in the day when it was "back to school" time? You'd get new clothes, shoes, backpacks, binders, etc all in hopes that what you got would make you stand out as "you"!

We are all unique and we all have our style but uniqueness and style didn't come overnight. It took some time to get to there. The same goes for any newbie to the voice over world. It's going to be really easy to jump on sites like and and stare with big bright eyes at all the kick ass equipment they have listed. You're going to stare lovingly at the Neumann TLM series or the Senheisser MKH 416 or the Universal Apollo Twin and studio foam and pop screens and cabinets and wires and.. and... and... and.......... BOOM!! Head explosion.

I know how it goes. I am staring with big googly eyes right now at new equipment for my space. I do this frequently but then I snap back to reality and remember... "I'm not getting hired because of my equipment. I am getting hired because I work my ass off to promote my business and I also work my ass off with coaches, practice and practice and more practice and continued practice and even more practice."

If you can't perform behind the mic, it not going to make a hill of beans difference what microphone you have or how fancy your interface is.

For many of you reading this, you already know this stuff but for the few newbies who are eyeballing voice over or who have already made the jump, buyer beware, don't get sucked into the fancy equipment vortex until you can perform at a high level with the big dogs. You might be surprised what you can do with a $250 mic and some coaching.

Go check out OpenCoaches for some coaching and then when you are ready to research microphones, watch Mike Delgaudio's channel Booth Junkie. He's covered just about every mic on the planet.

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