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Don't Be Afraid to Change

As we sit here a few days into 2019, I started to think backwards about my career. I know you aren't supposed to look back and you are to always live in the present because the past is the past, blah blah blah....

But if you don't ever take some time to look at your past, how are you ever going to learn how to be a better person or learn from your mistakes.

I'll be real honest, I am a doofus, I make mistakes and that's one thing I can't change completely. (If you know a cure, please let me know) But there are some things in life you can change. For example, your hair. Your weight. Your friends. Your situation.

I can see you rolling your eyes about the last one. I wrote the last one because all too often, I hear people complain about their situation way too much. You can change anything if you have patience and plan.

You see this picture?

This was me in 2017 on my last day working for Yea Networks, a company that syndicates radio shows. As a kid, working in the radio business was all I wanted to do and I set a goal for myself at an early age to go get it. That's exactly what I did, but as the time wore on, the passion for the business started to fade and I knew I had to do something to change my situation. It was hard to walk away from the business but I feel like I would have been doing my family and coworkers a disservice by hanging around there.

I sat down with my wife, Erica and we came up with a plan. It didn't involve any sudden movements or irrational thoughts. It was an exit strategy to take me to where I wanted to go, which of course was into the world of voice over.

Once the dust settled after letting my coworkers know I was headed in another direction, the feeling of panic started to set in. I'd never owned a business. I didn't know what the day to day would look like. I didn't have a laundry list of clients. All I had was a desire to better myself and do something that I loved. That's where the plan came in.

I remember that first day at the house as I began my new journey. I woke up, went into my cramped little work space and sat down at my computer. I stared at my microphone, realized I had nothing to record that day (and many more days following that) but this was the moment where the plan came into play.

I could have flipped out, thrown my hands in the air and given up before I even got my new career off the ground. But I knew I had to stick to my plan. I began marketing my services to everyone who would listen. I started transcribing and recording commercials I saw on TV. I sought out more coaching (still am). I dug into Adobe Audition like my life depended on it. Long story short, I set daily goals. I set monthly goals and I set long term goals. "The Plan" if you will.

The Plan got me from point A to point B but I still have 24 more letters to go and I am glad that you are here to go with me.

This year, stop and think. If you don't like where you are or are unhappy with a situation in your life, make a plan to change it. You may feel a little uncomfortable but with a road map in place, you'll be just fine. And, if I can help you, just give me a shout.

Here's to a new year and new beginnings!

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